Star Trek: Legacy: New trailers beam down

Bethesda sets media phasers to stun as it gives us an eyeful of its Xbox 360 and PC Star Trek game

E3 attendees boarding Bethesda's Star Trek: Legacy for a tour came away suitable impressed by the PC and Xbox 360 action-strategy title. Having already received rapturous applause for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, can the developer strike PC and Xbox 360 gold a second time running with Legacy? Looks like it's entirely possibly, and going by the quality of the RPG epic, we can't wait for the Star Trek game to dock at our local games emporium - which will occur this autumn, all being well.

A couple of new Star Trek: Legacy trailers have emerged from warp, so if you've been thoroughly intrigued by the title then have a good gander. The game drops you into the commander boots of an Admiral overseeing a task force of starships, and Trek fans are no doubt delighted by the fact that Legacy's storyline spans the Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise eras. Expect accurate recreations of Star Trek space combat vessels, full damage modelling and eye-popping visual effects, all wrapped in strategic-y and tactic-y real-time combat.