Reservoir Dogs

We lend Volatile an ear as it discusses its game based on Tarantino's silver screen classic

Quentin Tarantino's violent silver screen classic Reservoir Dogs is shortly to bring its bank heist malarkey to the videogame party in full-on ear slicing glory. Reservoir Dogs, the game, is being developed by Volatile Games for PC, PS2 and Xbox and is due this September. It's an adaptation of Tarantino's movie as opposed to a direct carbon copy, and although the game does re-create many of the film's memorable scenes it focuses more heavily on events that occur outside of those portrayed in the flick. But what else to expect? We caught up with project manager Dave Manuel to find out...


It's been a while since Tarantino's seminal film now - why did you decide to base a game on Dogs after so much time has passed?

Dave Manuel: Because Tarantino's debut, Reservoir Dogs has become a cult classic and we were keen to take up the challenge of turning this into a videogame.

As with the film, the plot in the Reservoir Dogs game is presented out of chronological sequence. What unique challenges does this throw up in terms of ensuring the storyline remains coherent during play?

Dave Manuel: The game is also out of chronological sequence but it doesn't follow the exact order of events as presented in the film. We have focused on events outside the film. We spent a lot of time coming to an appropriate order for the levels which took into account the narrative and the pacing of the game. Also we recreated scenes from the film as FMV as this helped to cement the game and the film in terms of storyline.

Yeah, in the game, players will experience events only hinted at, as opposed to portrayed, in the movie. It'd be great if you could elaborate on this, and provide details on some of these 'unseen' events players will experience...?

Dave Manuel: Famously, a large part of the film takes place in a warehouse following the events of the heist. This is clearly not a viable setting for a game, although the warehouse does provide the setting for most of the re-created 'classic scenes' that feature throughout the game. For the game, we have primarily focused on the events that take place immediately after the heist from each character's perspective: The fate of Mr Blue; Blonde's kidnap of Marvin; Pink's retrieval of the diamonds; White escorting Orange back to the warehouse; Brown's getaway from the Heist; and what Nice Guy Eddie got up to when Blonde was so chillingly left alone with Marvin.

These scenarios plus others will be presented to the player across a variety of LA locations, some of which have been faithfully recreated and others which can only now be experienced .It should also be pointed out that at no point in the game do we see the actual heist itself - we felt that this was one unseen event that should not be shown.


Is the game purely action-/combat-focussed?

Dave Manuel: It can be if the player so chooses to take this approach, however it's also entirely possible to play through the game without engaging in any combat. In fact, it's possible to complete the game without killing anyone at all. This also applies to the driving missions where you can focus either on quick skilful driving or adopt a more trigger-happy approach if you so wish.

How are you incorporating the famous 'ear' scene?

Dave Manuel: As most fans will be aware, the movie features a wealth of memorable scenes and dialogue that define the film's iconic status. We were very keen to recreate a number of these scenes to help sustain the flavour of the film and to provide a way of stitching together the non-chronological game missions with the storyline. I think the ear-cutting scene was top of everyone's list of memorable moments and features prominently in the game providing the backdrop to the vehicle dumping missions.

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