The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff

Family, yes. Stuff, yes. Fun? Erm, not really

Another of EA'S wildly flailing and barbed marketing tendrils strikes again, this time the resulting wound gushing forth 60 new objects and a handful of new costumes, wallpapers and carpets for The Sims 2. Now calling them 'Stuff' packs, as if to justify charging ten British pounds for a literal drip-feed of content while at the same threatening to continue releasing such content packs, Family Fun contains nothing which allows me to recommend it to any sane person.

In its defence, it's not as reprehensible as the abysmal Christmas Party Pack. The content in this pack cannot be downloaded for free elsewhere - also, the expanded Sim AI elements from the University and Nightlife expansions have been graciously included. Still, what this Stuff pack is offering is simply not worth the asking price. The content is, with the exception of AI tweaks, purely aesthetic. Even the boring box-art doesn't attempt to hide the fact that EA have just stuck a few bits of arbitrary crap on a CD and put it on the shelves.


This is a marketing bullet, heading straight for the impressionable brains of your child/wife/mother/effeminate brother (delete as applicable) - and possibly even your very own pocket. Avoid it, dodge it like I've dodged the numerous incest jokes in this review. Family Fun Stuff is not worth a tenner, nor will any other Stuff pack ever be. The wallpaper doesn't even line up properly either. Rubbish.

The verdict

Get stuffed

Electronic Arts