Combat the F.E.A.R.!

Vivendi goes coy over mysterious 'Combat is coming' teaser on F.E.A.R. website

There's a new webpage linking to Vivendi's horror shooter F.E.A.R., with a ticking counter, and the big, exciting words emblazoned across its top-right corner: 'COMBAT IS COMING'.

Yikes! What on earth could this be, we all gasp in unison. "No comment," replies the Vivendi Games UK spokesperson when we enquire. "But you do know?" we try again. "Of course, but at this moment, it's no comment" is disappointedly sent back to deflate our excited ears.

Retiring, defeated, we stare at the counter: 20 hours 12 hours 32 minutes 43 seconds, at the time of writing. By our appalling mathematical skills, we calculate that as being August 17.

So just what is Combat? We'd love to know, because by anyone's reckoning, F.E.A.R. is a top-drawer, supernatural, super shooter. Could it be something to do with the PC expansion, out in the same month? Or maybe a multiplayer download for the Xbox 360 port? Perhaps new multiplayer goodies?

We'll stop speculating now and continue to hassle for something a little more concrete... In the meantime, check out the teaser page here.