Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan

Newbs beware but for high level FF XI players this expansion is just what the doctor ordered

As the unpopular cousin of World Of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI neglects the casual gamer and forces you to group and grind goblins (and their sort) to reach most of the content. It's no surprise then that Treasures Of Aht Urhgan is very much focused on the level 50 and higher crowd - the only ones who can access a great deal of the expansion. Not that all of it is in yet (at the time of writing) - the patch will add Chocobo breeding (among other things) to the mix. You only paid 20 quid - why expect it all to be done?

The new Puppetmaster (a class that equips and fights alongside a puppet), Blue Mage (a jack-of-all-trades that learns skills from enemies) and Corsair (a gun-toting, dice-rolling pirate) jobs are somewhat unbalanced and in desperate need of a once-over in the case of the Puppetmaster, but do inject some much needed variety into the world of Vana'diel. Assaults let players romp through new dungeon instances and gain assault points to (you guessed it) buy more gear, and besieged lets you defend the city of Al Zahbi from invaders. It's deep, if you like repetitively killing things.


Treasures Of Aht Urhgan is hard to recommend to new players, as it'll take months to even reach level 30 to unlock the new jobs, let alone level 50 to enter assaults. For the Established, high-level player, this expansion is just what the doctor ordered; a pretty,
lengthy, time-intensive addition to your favourite marathon grind-fest. For everyone else, well, there's always a social life.

The verdict

Not for normal people

Square Enix
Square Enix