NFS: Carbon roars in new screens

EA touts it new motors in a handful of Need for Speed: Carbon screenshots

EA has released a handful of screenshots and renders showing off its new Need for Speed title, Carbon, which is likely set to tear up the charts once again this Christmas.

As you can see from the images laid out across this page, the cars in 'Carbon are looking quite nice. But thankfully, EA is also shaking things up in the gameplay department, by moving the action out of the ghetto and onto some perilous canyon roads. Apparently, to conquer nearby city territories, you'll have to settle your rivalries in head-to-head races alongside deadly pitfalls. It doesn't sound like good news for your paintjob at all.

Need for Speed Carbon is currently planned for release on Xbox 360, PS2 and virtually all current platforms this November. A release date for the PS3 and Wii versions is yet to be announced.