Army of Two, screenshots 13

EA releases new screenshots of its massive Xbox 360 and PS3 co-op blaster

Fresh from the loins of EA's chugging screenshot factory are 19 (yep, count 'em, 19) new screenshots of arguably its most impressive title of this year's E3, Army of Two.

Don't let the masks mislead you - this is neither a wresling game nor a gimp simulator, but a high-adrenaline co-op blaster of the highest degree. At E3, we sampled a taste of the game's impressive-looking campaign, which included a team mate-assisted building rappel, an intense parachute/sniper section and a mission which concluded with the two running up the side of the a massive, sinking aircraft carrier, dodging jets sliding off the deck. Certainly, It was almost a trip to the local trouser emporium after that showing.

Stay tuned to CVG next week, when we'll get a fresh look at EA's co-op extravaganza at the Leipzig Games Convention, and bring you every morsel of info we can possibly get our hands on.