360 cheers out first PES 6 screens

How Xbox 360 gamers must be cherishing this moment as Konami's latest enters the field of play...

For Xbox 360 footie fans, yesterday's news that Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will be next-gen-exclusive to the 360 for 12 months must have felt like they'd just penalty shot their way to World Cup glory against their bitter rivals.

Aiding their celebrations, we've signed up the first batch of Xbox 360 screens from the footie sim, giving you a taste of what's to come. (Or not to come, depending on your console allegiance).

In addition to the obviously improved visuals, Konami is also promising upgraded player AI for such stuff as intelligent off-ball running and being able to turn defenders so that they look more humiliated than a Sunderland centre back. You should also get refined shooting, new tricks and dribbles, and a batch of new licenses, including the French Championat league.


So there you go, easily enough stuff for 360 folk to get on with and taunt their imminent PS3 opponents with. Just be alert for any retaliatory Zidane-approved headbutts. Could be dangerous...

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will release for Xbox 360 in October, along with PS2, PC, PSP and DS versions.