PES 6 confusion cleared

Microsoft signed two high profile footy exclusives last week but have they or haven't they? Konami issue statement

Last week Microsoft boldly announced to the world that they'd captured the footy double with PES6 and FIFA 07 appearing exclusively on Xbox 360 over the coming 12 months.

So 2-0 seemingly to Microsoft even before a ball had even been kicked on the next-gen footy season, but the announcement of this footy double clearly caused some confusion, with Konami issuing the following statement over the weekend on its official web site.

"It has been falsely reported on some websites that Konami will release its Pro Evolution Soccer 6 exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox 360. These reports are not true. Konami is currently proceeding with the production of a multi-platform release of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 so that as many people as possible can enjoy the game."

Pro Evo 6 is of course appearing as a next-gen exclusive on Xbox 360, but there'll also be PS2, DS and of course PSP versions of the all-consuming footy franchise as well, so hurrah. The one main omission naturally is a PS3 version of Konami's soccer monster, but given the launch frame of the PS3 and the grind of the development cycle, that was never likely to be on the cards.

However further confusion was added to the mix by a report on IGN, in which the legendary producer Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka told the site that a PS3 version was already being worked on which would be released in the spring or summer next year, seemingly busting that 12 month exclusivity period secured by Microsoft.

So how can MS and Seabass both be right? Surely it's either 12 months or it's not? Well fact is they both are. Pro Evo Soccer 6 will be a 360 next-gen exclusive for around a year, and Seabass was undoubtedly referring to a PS3 version of Winning Eleven erm 11, the Japanese version of the all-conquering footy franchise which will release during its usual time frame on PS3. Pro Evo 7, the western version, will then follow on next-gen between October and Christmas next year, giving MS its 360 exclusive before it appears on PS3.

So hopefully that's cleared that up for you. Pro Evo 6 is the only next-gen version of the franchise appearing on 360, but Winning Eleven will most likely make an appearance on PS3 next summer but in its Japanese incarnation.

As ever of course, the devil is in the detail.