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Raid Over the River bombs in with new trailer

First gameplay movie of the classic side-scrolling shooter reborn for DS!

While developer Nibris has been attracting a lot of attention for its intriguing looking Sadness, it's easy to forget the Polish developer has been beavering away on a couple of other titles too.

Chief of which is a remake of the classic Raid over the River, which is piloting its way toward a release next year on DS, with a version also planned for Nintendo Wii in the fullness of time.

The first movie from the game has raided in from across the river this morning, (oh alright then, they sent it to us). Nibris is promising to redefine the vertical shooter as we know it, with extensive strategy elemets involved in navigating six different timelines and multiple outcomes.


Marek Okoń, game designer for ROTR, says, "It's a title which is going to change the current image of a vertical shooter as a meaningless, arcade game which only tests the speed of player's fingers."

There's a bit of a glitch on the vid with an occasional black bar intervening, but it should give you a welcome taster of the raiding delights to come. Raid Over the River debuts on DS next year.