Jedi mind-bricks

LEGO Star Wars II shifts 1.1 million copies in a week. Please can we have LEGO Indy next?

LucasArts - a company we'd like to think has staff toilets sculpted from emeralds and gold - has shifted over a million units of the game after only a week of it being on sale. With that much LEGO, we estimate that you could build over 2,000 LEGO Star Destroyers, and three LEGO Rick Wallers.

As we exclusively revealed a few weeks ago, the LEGO franchise with extend into new areas with a game based on DC Comics Dark Knight, Batman, which we're sure will sell more than a few copies as well.

"There's definitely something for everyone in LEGO Star Wars II, and the sales and reviews so far are proving it," said LucasArts boss, Jim Ward. "This is the type of fun, accessible game everyone in the family can enjoy. It appeals to so much more than just the traditional gaming audience."

You can check out our review of Lego Star Wars II by clicking your mouse cursor here. Seeing as our copies have literally just been plopped onto our desks, we're planning an unsociable evening to blow-up the LEGO-brick Death Star.