Assassin's Creed exposed

New details on the PC take on Ubi's stealth monster inside

Ubisoft's gorgeous medieval thief 'em-up, Assassin's Creed is heading for mouse-and-keyboard fans on PC, alongside its PS3 and Xbox 360 targets.

You can now read PC Zone's own massive preview of one of 2007's biggest games right here on CVG, and find out why you should be excited about Assassin's Creed's violent hitman gameplay, non-linear structure and incredible 'virtual crowd' technology

"If you do manage to get near enough to your intended target to kill at close quarters (sniping is cheating in the Assassin's Order), Altair can use his special concealed blade to deal the fatal blow. Suddenly, time slows down and the action is focused on the two individuals in a very personal and horrific moment. Killing is an honourable and serious profession for the Order - quite the opposite of other games such as Hitman, where you'll probably end up dropping someone off a balcony dressed in a clown suit."

Read the rest right here.