NFS: Carbon drifts in new video

EA's latest street racer demoed in fresh gameplay vid

Filling the ground with neon like a Sainsbury's car park on a Friday night, Need for Speed: Carbon has sped-in another wheel-spinning gameplay trailer, that shows off more fancy next-gen graphics and sweat-inducing canyon-racing.

EA's latest entry in its street racing series pits you against rival-gangs on rickety canyon roads, fighting for territory inside the more-traditional ghetto locals.

In the car customisation department, Carbon is using EA's new 'Auto-Sculpt' technology which lets you use sliders to alter bodywork, rims, paint tints and more, making for literally millions of potential car designs.

Need for Speed: Carbon is penned in for a November release on Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3 (US), Wii and virtually every other current gen console. Look for the review soon.