Mass Effect

Project director Casey Hudson launches us into the stratosphere with BioWare's jaw-dropping RPG that's turning heads all over the galaxy

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And since you really are the leading edge of humanity's presence on the galactic scale, it means your actions ultimately shape the future of all humanity in the galaxy. This approach gives the game an epic and grown-up feel, where the realism of your choices make your decisions - and their outcomes - that much more interesting.

CVG: What's the soundtrack going to be like?

Hudson: The soundtrack will be one of the most unique parts of Mass Effect. We've brought on an amazing composer who's hard at work creating the music right now. Each piece so far would make an excellent track for a soundtrack CD, and I listen to the music often just for enjoyment while working late. We'll be able to reveal more on that soon.

CVG: What has been the hardest part to implement in the game? Is there anything you would change if you could?

Hudson: There's no particular element that's been really difficult - it's more an issue of dealing with detail levels that are an order of magnitude greater than the last generation. This means a lot more work, a lot more assets, and a lot more complexity. That, combined with the fact that Mass Effect is possibly the most ambitious game in development today, means that we've taken on quite a challenge. So to hit the extremely high quality bar that we've set for ourselves, it means lots of late nights and a big team of extremely bright people.

CVG: Typically your games have eventually made their way to PC, after a year or so on consoles. Can we expect the same to happen with Mass Effect in the future?

Hudson: There are currently no plans for a PC version.

CVG: When can we expect to hear more about your other Xbox 360 title?

Hudson: Soon. Maybe. If it even exists at all. Oh no, I've said too much...

CVG: How's progress going on Dragon Age? We haven't heard much about that title for a while?

Hudson: The Dragon Age team is indeed hard at work on the game and it's looking really cool. We don't have anything new to announce about it just yet, but we will... soon!

CVG: How's your new partnership with Pandemic working out?

Hudson: It's been really cool. Any time you can put two groups of people together, each with different specialties and areas of expertise, there's an amazing synthesis that allows you to achieve things that you couldn't do otherwise. We're able to share each other's best methods and technologies, leading to better games from both studios.

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