Live Arcade: Most Wanted!

The ultimate list of games we want to see on Microsoft's 360 download service

Since appearing on Microsoft's fancy new console Xbox 360 last year, Live Arcade has turned out to be a massively-popular section of Xbox Live, so popular in fact that many early 360 adopters hailed downloadable shooter Geometry Wars as the console's greatest title - topping even the full-price launch line-up.

In its first year some of our favourite retro classics have joined Microsoft's list of downloadable goodies, including Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighitng, Pac Man and Doom, but there's still plenty of nostalgic gems we're bursting to play on our Xbox 360s.

Taking a stroll around the office, we've bothered the country's premier games mag journalists to come up with the ultimate list of games they'd most like to see on Xbox Live Arcade, and because we probably should do some proper work too we've added our own most-wanteds as well.

As expected, our list has come up with a plethora arcade classics and Speccy retro gems crying for a next-gen re-tinkering on the Xbox 360, along with the odd 16-bit blaster and PC MMO. Are you listening Microsoft? These are the pixel masterpieces we want to see in the next year...

Speedball 2
Nominated by: John Houlihan, Development Editor, CVG
Originally released on: Amiga
Best bit: Smacking the living bejesus out of the opposition

Why we want to see it: The Bitmap Brothers' awesome take on the sport of the future combined footy, American football and Rollerball. It would prove perfect fare for Xbox Live Arcade, with its fast, furious and brutal gameplay - let's hear it for the return of Brutal Deluxe!

Likleyhood: Possible. Bitmap Brothers has recently revealed that a PC remake is in the works, and talk of a Live Arcade version has been heard...

ThunderForce IV
Nominated by: Gary Cutlack, Features Editor, Official Xbox 360 Magazine
Originally released on: SEGA Mega Drive
Best Bit: Staggering parallax backgrounds

Why we want to see it: The finest visual and audio showcase of the Mega Drive, this. Combine the staggering metal music with the unbelievable backgrounds and perfect weapon-switching shooter play, and you're left with the finest MD blaster or all. Bring it. NOW!

Likleyhood: Sega is yet to release a title on Xbox Live Arcade, but has expressed interest in the service. ThunderForce's appearance depends entirely on the level of the company's support, when it eventually does hop on the Arcade bandwagon.

Xenon 2: Megablast
Nominated by: Gavin Ogden, Editor: Content, CVG
Originally released on: Atari ST
Best bit: Soundtrack by Bomb The Bass

Why we want to see it: Today's Nintendo and PlayStation generation needs to know what real 2D shooters were all about. It looked incredible and the power-ups were beyond awesome. Forget WipEout as the first cool game with bangin' choons, the Bomb The Bass soundtrack was the shit!

Likleyhood: Considering the Bitmap Brother's plethora of retro-remakes currently in the works, a Live Arcade appearance for Xenon 2 isn't as unlikely as you think.

Nominated by: Ben Lawrence, PR surrender-monkey
Originally released on: Spectrum, Amiga, Atari, Commodore 64
Best bit: Jumping the damned hole! Fall in, its game over!

Why we want to see it: It was a giant, time-sapping, mind-bending adventure... starring eggs! What's not to like? A yoke-packed precursor to the likes of Broken Sword, you could spend all day trying to find the problem to a puzzle, then accidentally step in an inescapable ditch, forcing you to start all over again. Kids these days have it far too easy, bring back Dizzy!

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