Bionicle Heroes: New details, screens

Producer Luke Valentine reveals new gameplay details for the first DS FPS since Metroid

With the huge hype surrounding Traveller's Tales' Lego Star Wars games, very little attention has been paid to Bionicle Heroes, the developer's other action game which is based on the Bionicle Lego franchise.

The DS version of Bionicle Heroes will be the first game to follow in Samus' footsteps, being a slick-looking first-person shooter with a touch-screen control system similar to Metroid Prime: Hunters.

Very little is known about this intriguing little title, so CVG sat down with producer Luke Valentine for a brief chat about what DS fans can expect. Check out what he had to say, then swing down to the exclusive screenshots of the DS and GBA versions.

DS Version

Metroid Rpime demonstrated how the DS's touch screen can offer FPS games a level of control to rival PCs. How will Bionicle Heroes make use of the DS touch screen?

Valentine: The touch screen is in constant use to control the camera. You can also double tap at any time to jump. And you can use the touch screen to select different Toa Heroes to play as.

Ah, so you can play as different Toa. What powers will the individual robots be capable of, and how will they be used in the game?

Valentine: Each of the playable Toa has their own special abilities and weapons. These abilities are linked to the Toa colour and element. The red Toa can walk on fire for example. All the Toa have the ability to perform 'constractions'. A constraction is a LEGO term meaning 'construction + action': putting together LEGO into an object that will then do something.

Will the game allow for versus or co-op multiplayer over LAN or WiFI Connection?

Valentine: Yes! There is 2-4 player wireless (local) multiplayer. Each player can play as one of the six new Piraka in one of six multiplayer maps.

Obviously, the GBA lacks the power to do an FPS game, so you've opted for a 2D, top-down format. Do these levels share the same basic layout with the DS version?

Valentine: The GBA version is entirely different and was developed by a parallel team at Amaze alongside the DS team. The design is different and it is 2D top down view.

Are you looking at releasing a Wii or PS3 version of the game in the near future?

Valentine: Nothing has been announced yet. Watch this space!

When will the game be out?

Valentine: Bionicle Heroes will be out in time for Christmas.