Rainbow Six leaves Vegas

New video and screens show off gorgeous Mexico map from Rainbow Six Vegas

We've got a brand new Rainbow Six Vegas video showing off the graphically spectacular Mexico map, one of six different locations featured in the single-player game.

In Ubisoft's own words, the story behind the Mexico mission is as follows:

"Operating off reports of a major terrorist offensive, team Rainbow tracked down internationally wanted terrorist Irena Morales in a Mexican Border Town. Wanted in connection with a dozen bombings across South America and countless execution-style murders of corporate and political figures, Irena Morales' organisation is sneaking terrorist across the US-Mexico border using local Coyotes in preparation for a strike inside the US.


"During that operation, Logan Keller is leading Kan Akahashi and Gabriel Nowak in order to capture Morales but something dramatic happened that completely changed the situation and Logan Keller was asked to go in Vegas immediately where the threat is unfolding. Once in Vegas, Keller will meet his new team mates Michael Walter and Jung Park but what happened in Mexico? What went wrong? Why is Logan going in Vegas without Akahashi and Nowak?"

For more info on Rainbow Six Vegas you can check out our recent preview, before it hits the shops on November 24.