Superbike 2007

Simone Bechine talks us through Milestone's forthcoming Superbike World Championship 2007

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Is there anything else you're particularly proud of?

Bechine: We spent a lot of effort on the soundtrack, because the Superbikes in real life are so loud and incredibly beautiful, you know. We recorded all the real bikes, not just revving them while stopped but actually on the rolling road under full acceleration and braking. Hopefully you will be able to hear this in the game as every bike has its own unique sound.

Troy Bayliss! Congratulations on your wildcard win in the last MotoGP race of 2006, that was truly amazing stuff.


Did you have any expectations going into the race or was it just for laughs now that you've got the SBK championship wrapped up?

Bayliss: Well I thought that I could go there and do ok, because I did ride for Ducati in MotoGP in 2003 / 2004 so I reckoned I could possibly make top 10. I took some guys from my team in World Superbikes who I really believe in and with them around me we just got our heads down and took it step by step and things just got better and better.

How did you feel when you found yourself out in front of Rossi, Hayden and the rest of the MotoGP guys?

Bayliss: I knew I should be able to get a good start on the Ducati so I just got my head down. I thought there would be a bigger scrap for the lead but all the other guys were fighting with each other which allowed me to get away. In the end I was able to control the lead and finish if off with a win, that was just a great end to the year.

Superbike 2007 is out for PS2 and PSP in April, with PC and Xbox 360 versions due in November.

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