Sega brings aliens to Wii and PSP

Classic sci-fi series, Alien Syndrome, set to return in 2007

Sega is hard at work on an all new edition of Alien Syndrome, an action-RPG, for the Wii and PSP in the summer of 2007.

In the main campaign, players control a command trooper names Aileen Harding who has to shoot her way through alien spaceships and planets in what Sega call an "easy to pick up and play RPG". Hopefully not packed full of tedious stats, then.

As you progress through the sci-fi adventure, you will learn new abilities and find new more powerful weapons to take on the increasingly fearsome enemies that you encounter - nothing out of the ordinary.


Sega has yet to reveal how similar the two versions will be, or how the Wii version will use the Wii Remote, but has confirmed that it "has been designed to fit perfectly onto both the innovative Wii".

You may have heard the title before - Sega have been making games under the same name for years, gracing the Master System, Game Gear, and even the PS2. Let's hope the new ones are far more memorable though because, to be honest, we barely remembered the others existed.