EyeToy: Lemmings

The fate of these suicidal critters is - quite literally - in your hands

EyeToy: Lemmings is perhaps the most ingenious idea for the EyeToy yet. Plug in your EyeToy camera and you can play a series of specially-designed levels putting your body between the tiny rodents and certain death. Raise your arms to shield them from falling rocks, cup them in your hands and carry them to safety, use your arms as a bridge or just thwap the poor mites from one site of the screen to the other. It's awkward at first - and white clothes stop it working properly - but it's a fresh twist on the old classic.

However, it's pretty flawed. Scrolling left or right is a chore that leaves your lemmings in danger and trying to interact with switches or movable rocks requires you to wave your arms about until the game gets what you're trying to do.As well as the new version, though, you also get the original Lemmings, with only a souped-up 3D background added to differentiate it from the old classic. It's fun, but you'll spend more time with the new version - which is decent, but let down by technical flaws.

The verdict

PlayStation 2
Team 17
Sim / Strategy