Simple slashing for simple people

Got a film license that you can' feasibly turn into a cutesy children's platformer? Turn it into a generic slasher instead. Simple, really. And that's what they've done with Eragon. You fight off various bad guys with your sword, employing a simple system of combo moves which revolve around X and Circle buttons. You'll have seen all the moves before, but they're still quite satisfying to pull off. Saphira can be summoned to help out during some of the major battles, but the main focus of play remains pretty much squarely on young Eragon.

Unfortunately, you can't control the camera at all - the perspective remains ever fixed directly behind Eragon, which is irritating and a waste of the right stick. It looks lovely, though - the cut-scenes are especially well done and it's obvious that the developers have put in a lot of work into them.


That said, though, there's nothing particularly special or exciting in this game. It's a decent enough slasher, but really it's only for absolute die-hard fans of the movie or the books. Anyone else can probably ignore it without missing a great deal.

The verdict

An competent but dull slasher with decent looks = but really one for the fans only

  • Faithful to the book and movie
  • Looks nice
  • Fixed camera
  • Absolutely nothing special
PlayStation 2
Stormfront Studios