Who cares about Halo's story?

Opinion: Come on, admit it... It's all about the deathmatch...

The way Bungie famously keeps tight-lipped about anything to do with Halo's single-player story is legendary. But does anyone (apart from those that buy the Halo books) actually care about why Master Chief gets to pump billions of bullets into the Covenant, Flood and Brutes? Or is it that the first-person shooter works well on a pad and is incredibly addictive to play online?

Personally, I haven't got a clue what the story's about. I know Master Chief and the puny humans are getting their arses kicked by three or four different species of alien and I know that that's not good. Forerunners, Prophets, Halo rings, Zanzibar... means next to nothing to me, I'm afraid.

What was going on at the end of Halo 2 with that Little Shop Of Horrors talking plant thing, I could only guess at. But the way the game just stopped dead in it tracks didn't do the art of storytelling in games any favours.

Apparently Bungie was trying to go for a finale similar to Empire Strikes Back where you could tell is was the end of the film and something big was brewing in the background for the final instalment of the Star Wars trilogy. Instead, the pacing of the final moments was all wrong and the game gave you the impression that a last battle was about to begin, not the rolling of the credits.

I've played both Halo and Halo 2's single player campaign mode to death, on ALL difficulty settings (it's all about Legendary though). I've sat through the game several times and will do the same with Halo 3. But could I tell you what it's all about? Nope. Do I care that I don't know what it's about? Nope, it's all about deathmatch for me.

Halo 2's multiplayer game has kept me busy for the past few years and I still fire it up on 360 today. Not as much anymore though thanks to Gears Of War. Over 300,000 people still hammer it every day around the world. Either they have no social life, no money to buy a new game, or the game's that good.

I enjoy the game's single-player campaign mode because it's an FPS that works incredibly well on a pad and the gameplay is engaging and involving, not because the story is "amazing" and I lose sleep over waiting to see what happens at the end of the trilogy.

Personally, I don't care. If Master Chief popped open his skidlid to reveal himself to actually be a Cortana? Now that would get my attention. But it'll never happen.

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Billyham: The story didn't do much for me. Yes I'm eager to find out what happens to the Master Chief after the ending of Halo 2 (which was rubbish), but gameplay is ten times more important. I don't buy a game for the story, I buy it to play and have fun. By all means have a plot, but a simple one.

Tronmaster: I think the actual concept behind Halo is brilliant, the whole ring planet thing that is actually a weapon, but it is very clumsily told, and the fact that i can't even remember what happened in Halo 2 pretty much sums it up.

seamonkey10: pornos and video games are about the same as far as story lines. It helps to give a minor illusion that there is something going on besides the action, but really there's nothing to most of it.

spottyelephant: I enjoy the story, and play each section to get to the next cutscene to find out more about the story and characters. If u dont, well u can just suck my balls.

Niknak106: Halo 2 is one of my fave games ever, but tbh I just like playing it on Live.

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