2007: The ten Wii games to watch

A quiet launch year for Wii? Not with these games on the way...

After all the hype and excitement, we've finally got our hands on Wii. The launch games are great, but we're itching to see what the console can really do, and these are the games that are going to do it.


Excite Truck

When it comes to supersonic racing, you tend to think of jet-powered hover ships or futuristic, laser-firing motorbikes blasting round rollercoaster circuits in space.

Yet Excite Truck, with its big and heavy 4x4 monster trucks and comparatively normal-looking dirt track environments, actually turns out to be one the fastest, most adrenalin-fuelled racers we've played in years. And it requires a lot more skill than the more recent crash-through-everything editions of Burnout, too. With ridiculously high jumps and insane speed, Excite Truck's complete disregard for realism makes it one of the Wii's most thrilling games of 2007, due out in UK on February 16.


Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

It's almost as if this crazy three-second mini game series was designed for a console like Wii. The hectic button-mashing frenzy of the GBA and GameCube games has become a bonkers physical workout on the Wii.

Smooth Moves not only features countless new mini games, but also over a dozen ways of holding the controller. The warnings before each game that tell you how to hold the controller takes the thrill and pace of Wario Ware to new levels, as you perform all manner of movements to complete the micro challenges. And retro Nintendo fans will find some sweet surprises in there too, with an awesome selection of mini games influenced by past Nintendo titles. It arrives in UK on 12 January. Your Remotes must be dreading it.


Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy has to be the single most exciting game coming to Wii in 2007.

Having been a little disappointed with Super Mario Sunshine, we're hoping Galaxy will make up for the GameCube game's shortcomings, and it looks like it will. Easily the most impressive looking Wii game, Galaxy looks like it'll take Mario back to his roots of raw platforming, losing the hovering ability and exploring worlds full of awesome, nonsensical platforms and obstacles - just the way a Mario game should be. And if the giant bosses in the E3 demo are anything to go by, we'll be seeing Mario taking on some truly epic enemies. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing Mario Galaxy before the second half of 2007.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The first two Prime games on GameCube are without a doubt two of the best games on the console, so we're obviously buzzing with excitement over getting our hands on the sequel that will conclude the trilogy on Wii.

The only flaw in the GC games was the weird control system which did not allow for easy strafing, nor did it let you control the look camera to look around the room while you were moving. But that won't be a problem on Wii, with a control system similar to Red Steel that has been refined to near perfection. Controls aside, we just can't wait to explore another Metroid-infested world. The richly detailed, dark and ambient worlds of the first two Prime games made for some of the best graphics in the last generation, and Prime 3 already looks great on Wii. We're hoping to see Metroid release around or before October 2007. Fingers crossed.

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