AND 1 Streetball

Ubisoft head to the hood

The problems arise straight from the off in this tricked-out basketball game. On the premise of an arcade-style experience, we hared through the tutorial and into a quick one-on-one game. The AI soundly thrashed us, whilst our man floundered about like he had a case of the trots. Skills are impressive and impossible to stop in the AI's hands; when we attempt them however (by twiddling the analogue sticks in certain ways) we don't seem to get anywhere. It's surprisingly hard to beat the man in front of you and when you do you don't know how you did it - after thirty seconds of trying to be skilful and getting nowhere, you end up prodding both sticks in random directions in the hope of levelling-up the player so he becomes 'on fire' and can pull off amazing tricks. But we only managed this twice. And then we were so amazed, we panicked and passed the ball to someone else, instantly wiping out all our hard work. Basically: the CPU cheats.


Good things? Well, it looks nice, the sound's slick and fun can be had in multiplayer, which levels the playing field a little, pitting human against human, rather than human against the guaranteed scoring of the machine. But, like everything else in the game, spend a few seconds not thinking about it, and you instantly forget everything you've done or learned in the game. If it was easy to get back into, it could have been saved. As it is, the inability to really pick up and play severely hampers what could have been a tidy little arcade sports game.

The verdict

An original attempt at a infiltrating a saturated genre - but one that falls woefully short of the big guns from EA and 2K.

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