Metal Gear Solid 4

As if we didn't love it enough already. MGS4 just gets better

Things are never simple with MGS. Just when you think you've established a few facts, Kojima releases more footage and makes everything clear as mud. Two new trailers were unveiled at the recent Leipzig and Tokyo Game Shows respectively and, as you'd expect, they're both available to watch on our latest disc. While both are spectacular, it's the TGS trailer that's of particular interest as it's the first actual in-game footage - Snake using his new Octocam camouflage suit, shooting from a first-person perspective, hiding in empty steel drums - some of it as you'd expect, some of it mind-blowing.But like we said, as soon as you think you're learning more, the new trailer throws up just as many questions as it answers - just which side is Snake actually fighting on? What's the role of the Metal Gear Mark II? And, more importantly, which is Snake's real face - the craggy Colonel Sanders-alike we've seen or the chiselled picture of youth that turns up at the end of the trailer?


Already we're analysing the footage frame-by-frame. Here we present the latest (what we hope are) facts and speculate wildly off the back of them, offering you some theories that might - just might - turn out to be world-shaking...

In MGS4, Snake no longer needs cardboard boxes, long grass or cupboards to hide himself in, because he's got his incredible Octocam camouflage suit - set to revolutionise the MGS experience. As the name suggests, it's designed to intimate an octopus' ability to change it's colour to match its background and become virtually invisible. This means that if Snake stays still against a particular environment, he'll start to blend in. This not only applies to general battlefield rubble, but also complicated tile patterns and even a pile of dead bodies. This incredible new ability means that as long as Snake isn't spotted getting into position - or is accidentally stepped on - he can hide anywhere.

Even though the introduction of the Octocam suit negates many of the traditional ways of hiding they will remain there. For instance Snake can tip-toe around inside a steel drum - proof that Kojima still likes a chuckle. The Metal Gear Mark II is controlled by Octacon and allows him to communicate with Snake. Kojima is toying with the idea of allowing the gamer to take control of it (perhaps with the PSP) and using it like a remote-controlled recon device.

Snake's Octocam suit has a mask to complete the camo - but it seems it can also alter his face, as seen in the trailer when he pretends to be a dead body. If so, how can we be sure which is Snake's real face? Is it that of the craggy old guy? Or the fresh-faced Snake we see at the end of the movie? And if he's still wearing the mask, how can he smoke a fag? Mad.