Activision's new Guitar and Drum games

Patent office lets slip Guitar Hero publisher's two new 'Villains'

Activision may have let slip two of its upcoming rhythm action games, as trademarks for 'Guitar Villain' along with 'Drum Villain' have cropped up on the US Patent and Trademark Office website.

Each application states that the names are for "computer game software", "downloadable games", "arcade games" and "games sold with electronic guitars" - so we think it's a safe bet that the 'Villain' trademarks are intended for some sort of Guitar Hero follow up - and possibly a drumming spin-off as well.

Tony Hawk developer Neversoft has recently been linked to Guitar Hero, with an 80s version of the rocking franchise supposedly exiting soon - so we're not quite sure where these too additional titles would fit in to the picture.

We expect an announcement on the new titles very soon...