A great deal of fuss about an old scrap of paper...

Who or what is Theseis? An ancient city? A magical spell? Or have the creators just misspelled 'Theseus' or 'Thesis'? Judging by the long, cinematic introduction to Track7's very first adventure, it's... a roll of parchment. And, considering the effort you'll be going through to get hold of it in this intriguing-sounding Grecian adventure, it had better have something better contained within it than a really good recipe for moussaka.

So, how exactly does the Assassin's Creed-style split between modern day action and ancient world backstory fit together? Well, the bulk of the game casts you as Andronicos, a handyman who discovers 'a fantastical machine' in modern day Athens, left behind by a recently-deceased and utterly crackpot adventurer. This inevitably leads to a long series of third-person dungeon-exploring, trying to find the precious scroll and uncover the dark secret of Theseis -and why it is that everybody, throughout the ages, is so keen to try and tuck it away in their pants.


Paper Chase
Sounds... different. But here's some truth for you: despite a few epic action sequences and some genuinely gasp-worthy Grecian vistas, the visual detail of Theseis is looking decidedly ropy at the moment, with each character resembling a Jim Henson cast-off; certainly Andronicos himself, with his greasy ponytail, leather suit and body-attached torch, is going to be about as much of a threat to Ms Croft and Dr Jones' supremacy as Rayman.

But what the title does seem to be offering is worth its weight in ancient artefacts: deep, intelligent -even, whisper it, intellectual - gameplay. Like The Da Vinci Code without the draw-back of being connected to a potboiler, Theseis promises a massive, winding, unpredictable tale of scholastic discovery, with superior codes to crack, several different plots woven together and multiple endings, and just a dash of spooky monster-bashing thrown in for extra spice.