Super Mario World and Zelda II hits UK VC

The best 2D platformer ever made heads up Zelda II and Vigilante in UK update

Turn your Wii on right now. Super Mario World has gone live on the UK Virtual Console and you should consider it your duty to download and complete that utterly classic game.

We knew it was coming. We expected it to arrive last Friday but, much to our disappointment, it illuded us and those lucky Americans got it first on Monday.

Not to worry. The launch-day Super NES game that was so exciting we almost did a little wee in our pants when we first saw it is there now, and it costs 800 Wii Points.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link has also gone up, which is good news in general, even if some hardcore Zelda fans consider it the least enjoyable game in the series. We liked it though. Plus, it's a NES game so it's only 500 points.

And the Turbografx joins the party with Vigilante, a decent side-scrolling beat-'em-up that lets you kick the crap out of members of a street gang called The Skinheads. Neck a few Stellas to get in the mood for that one. And ready the 600 Wii Points required, too.

Overall, a good update this week. Enjoy.