Sixaxis tilt control 'rubbish' says Sega man

Sega Rally PS3 developer misses rumble function

There have been loads of grumbles and gripes about Sixaxis - the motion-sensing thing is a bit gimmicky, Wii does it better and that the rumble is hugely missed.

But it's not just gamers that think this - one of Sega's top development men has broken rank to offer his thoughts.

"Tilt control's not difficult to do," says Guy Wilday, head of Sega Racing Studio, on the possibility of tilty-pad gameplay being included in their new version of Sega Rally for PS3. "Fundamentally, though, the whole tilt control thing is rubbish. It's no compensation for rumble."

So the dissenting voices are coming from developers themselves, not just the gamers. What do you think about Sixaxis? The debate starts in the PSM3 forum - and to find out what Guy thinks about programming on PS3, and all the latest info on Sega Rally's PS3 debut, the full interview is in PSM3#85 - out this Thursday, February 15th.