Arthur and the Invisibles

Or is it 'Minimoys'? Even Atari are never sure

Our opinion of Luc Besson's latest cinematic offering will have absolutely no bearing on the visual lurgey that is Arthur And The Invisibles on DS. Completely losing any sense of wonder and magic, it's a collection of fairly uninspired autumnal Crank! Point! Hit! Blow! minigames.

Minimoy me
On your first go, a succession of random minigames are thrown at you, asking you to complete 10 without losing more than your three given lives. After completing 10, you unlock the next batch of minigames, of which you have to complete 20, and so on.

Each set of games is controlled by a different character, whose expression is either quietly happy or else smug and evil, according to your performance.
There's an odd Tamagotchi-esque backdrop to it all too, as you're able to pick a furry Mul-mul to keep as a domesticated creature, separate to the minigames. A cross between a hamster and a randy dandelion blossom, the Mul-mul lives off nuts you win from doing well at the minigames, and squeaks out its life pining for other Mul-muls on DS carts to make friends with.

That's as far as the Wi-Fi goes, and as your fluff-bundle is less than semi-inanimate, there's nothing to keep you playing once you've (quickly) tired of the games. Not entirely without merit, just underwhelming.

The verdict

Not really innovative, but at least the range of uninspired minigames is broad. A bit like having to pump up a tyre using a weasel.

Nintendo DS
Action, Adventure