Disaster: Day of Crisis - first in-game screen

Nintendo finally uncovers its intriguing Monolith-developed project

Here it is - the first ever in-game screenshot of Nintendo's survival action game, Disaster: Day of Crisis.

The game, announced at E6 2006 last May, promises to be a "panic inducing" game as you fight to survive a series of natural disaster that hit America in rapid succession.

Spicing up the plot, a rogue gang sees the ensued chaos as an opportunity to steal a nuclear weapon - as any gang banger would - and as Ex-cop, Ray, only you can stop them from doing something really bad. Not the F.B.I, the Army or EVEN Jack Bauer. You.

The arrow, strangely pointing at the Ray's groin area suggests that the game may contain Shenmue-style interactive action cutscenes where players

Admittedly, this first screen is not quite the adrenalin-packed scene we'd have hoped for. But give it time, guys.