Sony UK tight-lipped on Resistance's new online modes

Team Conversion and Assault mode key new features for the PS3 shooter in imminent update - for North America at least UPDATED

PS3 first-person shooter Resistance: Fall of Man is to see its multiplayer component beefed up later this month.

An update - which is only confirmed for North America so far - releasing on March 23 includes new online multiplayer modes Team Conversion and Assault mode and a spectator camera that obviously allows you to observe battles.

"Team Conversion mode is the same gameplay mechanic as the existing Conversion mode except that gamers will play a team and both teams will start off as human and have one life on each side. The Assault mode is based around the concept of attrition where the objective is to wear down an opponent's defenses before destroying their base", SCEA has explained.

Seeing as the update is out on PS3 European launch day, we thought that would mean the new content features in PAL versions of Resistance out-the-box. However, that's not the case Sony's UK arm informed us earlier, adding a PAL-specific announcement about this update is due shortly.

Update: Sony UK has confirmed with us that this content will be released on these shores. Details on release date and pricing will be announced shortly.

The March update will be followed in May by a map pack update "that will enable worldwide gameplay and allow players to purchase and download new multiplayer maps in-game." In addition, players will be able to get hands on two new maps Resistance developer Insomniac has created - it sounds as though these are single-player offerings.

Expanding on the worldwide gameplay aspect of the update, Sony's said it'll allow "players globally the choice to challenge one another. Players from around the world now will be able to hop online with one another and establish new friends and potential opponents.

"Leaderboards on will be filterable by region, and each territory will retain the ability to make announcements and hold events that are targeted to their players."

Due to this update enabling "worldwide gameplay" we imagine it'll be released for North America and the UK and Europe simultaneously.

We'll bring you confirmed word on UK and European update happenings as soon as we get it.