Unreal Tournament 3

What Epic are Up To Before they get started on Gears of war 2...

Finally what we've been telling you for over a year has actually been confirmed - Unreal is coming to 360 and it's had a name change chucked in as well. For what was once known as UT2007 is now more simply UT3 - a move that doesn't just distance itself from the annual sports update feel but also reflects Epic's unflinching stance to ship it when they're ready. Which is all good - this Unreal has been in development longer than any of Epic's games and, what's more, it's been playable for two years which has let them tweak and perfectly balance all of the weapons. But perhaps the biggest news is that they're promising a proper single-player game. This will take the form of a story of revenge; set in 2117, where rival corporations are playing off against each other, you'll join whoever will help you to achieve your aims. The story offers branching paths which will affect later missions and halfway into the game, the invasion of the alien Necris happens, turning the entire Unreal universe on its head. Game-wise it will stick to the slick, fast and furious first-person perspective of the classic PC multiplayer type on which the ace Unreal Tournie has built its reputation.

And then to the multiplayer. Epic are committed to delivering offline, but online they think there's a gap in the market. As producer Jeff Morris told us: "There's a lot of really great multiplayer games on the 360 and a lot of them are tactical shooters and things like that. I think our OTT action carnage attitude is something that people will like." With 30-40 maps to be shipped with the game it's set to dominate in terms of the sheer size of multiplayer and you can bet your bottom quid that there'll be exclusive 360 downloadable content available later on down the line too.

The Capture The Flag map we played was fast, frantic and beautiful, but what really caught the eye were the vehicles, including a superb hoverboard straight out of Back to the Future, a Darkwalker that's massive, slow but carries a devastating cannon, and a Viper, a fast attack ship that can glide across the map and detonate in a kamikaze style to take out enemies.