22 Amazing PS3 Tips - Part 1

It's the hidden PS3 manual. Be a PS3 power-user in minutes.

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10) Browse multiple Internet windows
Open the browser (go to Network) and surf to a page you want. Now open up the menu with a press of Triangle and choose Open In New Window. Enter another URL and then do the same again. Keep going until you've got six windows open. Now press L3 (done by clicking down the left stick. You're now in multi-page mode. Move the left stick to flick through the web pages as though they were bits of paper, then click L3 again to zoom in.

11) Download music and pics (and save them on your hard drive)
Simple, this. Just click on the file you want and - provided that it's in a format recognised by PS3 it'll be downloaded and stored in the right place on your PS3. MP3 files go into your Music folder and images go into Photos. Watch out for any file compressed as a zip file though. Your PS3 can't unzip and won't know what to do with them - it's uncompressed files only here.

And that's it for today. There'll be more tomorrow. In the meantime, head over to our forum to share tech tips, talk about the mag and discuss your experiences with other PS3 gamers today.

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