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22 Amazing PS3 Tips - Part 2

More adventures in PS3 tech...

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Go to Friends and choose Account Management to see all your downloads so far and be given the option to add more funds to your online wallet - useful if you're using your parents credit card rather than having a wallet-less account of your own registered...

20) Force PS3 to show your stuff

Put your photos in a folder called 'PICTURE' or your videos in a folder called 'VIDEO' or simply *force* your PS3 to look at your files on your stick regardless of what you called them or where you put them. Insert your stick and go to the menu option you want (Photos, Music, whatever). Press Triangle to bring up a menu and choose Display All. This will show every file on the stick. It even works for a plugged-in iPod, though the multi-folder structure you'll reveal is a bit baffling. Still, your songs are in there if you've got the patience to find them.

21) Get your PS3 game saves onto your PS3

There's only one thing for it: The official Sony PS3 Memory Card Adapter. Plug this small box into your PS3 and you can then plug your cards into it and copy the saves on board across. Phew - you don't have to replay that 100 hours of San Andreas... The £10-to-£15 price tag seems steep but once you've copied over your card(s) you'll never need it again, meaning that you can sell it on. Why not club together with your mates and buy one.

22) Change your album art

When you import a music CD your PS3 automatically pulls down the album art and stores it with the tracks. Occasionally it gets it wrong, however, or it may simply not be able to find the art of your hipper, less commercial tracks. This is easily fixed however. Download a pic of the art you need as a jpg on your PC and put it onto a stick (in a folder called PICTURE, ideally). Copy it to your Photo menu (press Triangle). Now go to Music and select the album folder with the offending art. Press Triangle and select Information. Go to the Photo menu and select your new picture. Bingo.

And that's it. Tomorrow - your questions answered. In the meantime, head over to the PS3 Tech Forum and talk about how you're finding PS3 tech-wise.

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