More Japanese Games For Europe!

Well, two. But one of them's from Square...

The game that Square reckoned would never come out in the West - rather tidy space-shooter Project Sylpheed - is coming out in the West! This summer! And so is the intriguing-sounding Vampire's Rain too. Er, except - as you'll see in our next issue - that's absolutely rubbish. Read on...

Yep, Sylpheed is a lovely-looking marriage between Elite and Star Wars, and although the story is some old crud about a rogue space fleet appearing in space and you having to defen... well, you know the rest, it features some beautiful CGI and some interesting missions. We'll warn you now: it's basic, but it looks like being fun - and the fact that Square are dishing out the games for 360 bodes well for their continued involvement with Microsoft.

'Fun' certainly isn't a word you'd associate with Vampire's Rain. Reviewed in its original Japanese form in the very next issue (onsale 25th April!), we quickly discovered that the fantastic premise - Splinter Cell meets Resi meets Blade - hides a game as bad as anything we've seen on 360. Want to know why? Pick up the roasting-hot next issue of Xbox World 360.