Resi 4 Wii Edition in action

New trailer features two minutes of gameplay and shows how the Wii Remote is used in-game. Plus new screens

Capcom's Wii remake of its survival horror masterpiece can be seen in action in a new trailer released.

The trailer features around two minutes of gameplay footage and shows, amidst the gore and horror, how the Wii Remote is used in combat and to interact with the environment. Capcom says that we'll be employing the Remote to "aim, fire, slash, reload, crank and avoid oncoming adversaries with intuitive motions and movements."

We've also uploaded new Resident Evil 4 Wii screenshots for you to check out.

If you're unfamiliar with Resident Evil 4's story, it finds former-Raccoon-City-cop-turned-US-agent Leon S. Kennedy on the trail of the President's kidnapped daughter. Kennedy's quest kicks off in a European village that's home to worshippers of Los Illuminados, the cult behind the girl's kidnapping.