The Darkness: Uncut

Liked the bloodtacular new Darkness footage on the brand new disc? Well, now it's time to get the full, grim, uncut version...

Yep, as promised, we've gone and delivered the 'whoops, there goes his brains!' 55-second Darkness trailer right here, right now.

On the front cover of this month's DVD we said we'd use the unregulated wonder of the internet to our advantage! AND WE HAVE! Hahahahahahahaha! Hahahaha! Haha! Urgh.

Yep, this is the full, uncut beaut we couldn't show you on the disc. All heart-eating, bullet-spitting, brain-splashing gunplay. And, sure, we might have been a bit down on the latest build in this month's mag (ONSALE TODAY!!!!!), but we're still praying this is going to be a winner.

So, anyway. Enough chat. More video.

Just click on the TV icon below. Or click on it and save the vid to your desktop. Yummy.

55 seconds of carnage...