Resi 4 made easier for Wii

Intuitive and simplified controls lighten the load for Wii gamers

Capcom's focus for the Wii remake of one of GameCube's best games, Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, is on making the game more accessible to Wii gamers, Capcom says.

Producer, Masachika Mawata, and Director Minoru Nakai told Famitsu that RE4: Wii Edition will feature Easy and Amateur modes, as well as the usual normal mode in a video interview (via Kotaku).

Easy and Amateur will feature a number of stress-lightening tweaks such as an easy enemy lock on feature, and a gun laser sight with infinite range to make targeting easier, they explain.

Nakai also admited that use of the knife in previous RE games was tough because of the need to aim up or down. Now, he says, you will be able to attack enemies and objects just by slashing the Wii Remote in that direction. The closer you are to the object or enemy the more damage you inflict.

"Our concept is 'easier'," said Kawata. "The number of hardcore gamers [who own Wii] is relatively small. A lower difficulty can attract Wii gamers but excessive easiness can reduce excitement. Our goal is to make it easier and exciting."