LucasArts unveils impressive new shooter

First screens and movie released for Fracture, a shooter with real-time terrain deformation

LucasArts has joined forces with MechAssault developer Day 1 Studios for Fracture, a futuristic action game due on PS3 and 360 next summer.

Mr Lucas' studio describes the game as featuring an "epic war fought on American soil pitting cybernetically enhanced soldiers against warriors augmented by the benefits of advanced genetic engineering.

"Exciting new intellectual properties serve a vital role to the growth of LucasArts," said Jim Ward, president of LucasArts. "Fracture represents the next step in this company initiative, complete with the intriguing story and compelling characters audiences expect of a LucasArts release."


Fracture is played out in the year 2161, where "ecological and seismological disasters have radically altered the planet's landscape, and a clash in ideologies places society on the threshold of war" says the blurb released so far.

"LucasArts sees simulation-based gameplay as an essential component of a true next-gen experience, and that's exactly what Fracture delivers," said Peter Hirschmann, vice president of product development at LucasArts. "Day 1 Studios has done a phenomenal job of creating true next-gen tech that not only dazzles on a visual level but also serves as a core gameplay mechanic. Unlike many other next-gen games on the market, Fracture simply isn't possible in the previous generation of consoles."

Check out first screens and a trailer over on the game's official website.