CVG Most Wanted: Wii

Feature: CVG salutes the best upcoming Wii titles

What's this then? The CVG Most Wanted award - that blue spot brandished across this page - recognises those games in development which the CVG editors themselves are most looking forward to playing.

The specially trained artist in our crack production laboratory (the bloke in the corner of the office next to the printer) has designed the award to recognise the truly epic and ground-breaking titles - these are the games CVG would be first in the queue for on the morning of release and ones which we'd actually spend our own hard earned dollars on.

Any game which receives the CVG Most Wanted Award will have the badge proudly displayed on its game page to advise you of the titles we believe are a sign of true gaming excellence.

Today we present the first ten Wii games to receive The CVG Most Wanted award:


Super Mario Galaxy

Have you seen the trailer? OMG! Take a closer look - this game looks technically light years ahead of all the games currently out on Wii. Just look that the felt-like texture on the planet surfaces, or the way you can see multiple planets and platforms way in the distance, or the colours in each of the varying worlds - it's stunning.

Super Mario Galaxy is a proving ground for both Mario and Wii. While we're certain it will prove what the console is capable of technically, it will also prove that Mario's still got it - after what seemed like a slightly undercooked effort from Super Mario Sunshine. Touted as the true sequel to Super Mario 64, this is the most important Wii game right now.

Watch the trailer here.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Everyone (including us) took one look at the Wii Remote at its unveiling and thought it would be absolutely revolutionary for FPS games.

But the selection of shooters out at the moment - Red Steel, Far Cry - have turned out to be disappointingly clunky. But if there's one game that can really do the Wii Remote justice, and show every developer out there how it should be done, it's Metroid Prime 3.

Controls aside, this is the third and final part of the fantastic trilogy that started on GameCube. With the graphical enhancements (it looks nothing short of awesome), bigger, moodier worlds and the improved controls, MP3 is bound to be stunning.

Drool over more lush info and screens here.


Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

We'd been waiting, with baited breath, for months for details on Capcom's Wii-bound Resi game, and we were in for quite a surprise.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is one of our most wanted not just because it's a Resi game (although it helps) but because Capcom is doing something new for Wii. For some of you, the move to FPS-style gameplay may conjure up horrid memories of the dire Gun Survivor games released a few years back, but let's forget those for a moment.

Designed specifically for the Wii Remote, the controls will be intuitive and innovative and, unlike the Gun Survivor games, the visuals look great too. Plus, revisiting scenes in old Resi games from this new perspective is going to be sweet.

We've got tons of scary screens, and stuff.

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