The 101 best PC games ever, part one

Feature: PC Zone picks the 101 best games that have entertained us on PC. Let's start with 101 to 76...

Let's compile A list of our most loved PC games of all time! It sounds like a bit of fun, doesn't it? Easy. If only we'd known. The following feature has taken the PC Zone team weeks of heated discussions, office arguments, late-night drunken text messages and email abuse to whittle down the PC's entire 20-plus year output of games into just 101 titles - and that's before we even started thinking about number one...

However, the dust has finally settled, the swearing silenced and here we are - PC Zone's 101 Best Games Ever. Enjoy this, numbers 101 to 76, and the forthcoming instalments featuring the crème de la crème of PC gaming, then don't forget to let us know if you agree or disagree by hitting the comments field below...

Instalments beyond part one:

101. Blood
YEAR 1997: The Duke 3D clone that could... And absolutely did. Fantastically imaginative maps, a bizarre steampunk vibe and the best level set onboard a moving train ever. If the sequel hadn't been such an unremitting disaster, the Blood franchise could have lived forever. Toast those zombies! Pitchfork them in the head!

100. Starsiege: Tribes
YEAR 1998: It cared not a jot for the single-player, but for truly original green-hill ski fun and remarkably canny foresight into the teamplay required in the online shooters of tomorrow (well, today), Tribes is worthy of its place in this list. Vengeance delivered story, but the original provided that true jetpack glory. We miss you Tribes. Come back soon.

99. Need For Speed: Most Wanted
YEAR 2005: Finally emerging into the sunlight after the night-time races of Underground, Most Wanted was a brilliant blend of arcade racing, the obligatory 'pimp my ride' car customisation and car chases that put Smokey And The Bandit to shame. And dropping a giant donut onto a pursuing police car was so satisfying.

98. The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay
YEAR 2004: Escape From Butcher Bay is one of the best console-to-PC conversions ever. Vin Diesel was superb as the enigmatic see-in-the-dark Riddick, while the well-crafted story saw you exploring the universe's worst prison, chatting and swapping items with other inmates and enjoying first-person hand-to-hand combat that actually worked. Weapons could be anything from a guard's pistol to an improvised 'shiv' such as a shard of glass, and the stealth element allowed you to sneak up on enemies and push them into rock grinders or snap their necks like twigs. Also featured one of the best end-of-game levels ever. Shine on.

97. N
YEAR 2005: Fun and free Flash platform game featuring simple graphics and chucklesome ragdoll physics. Control a stick-figure ninja, as he jumps, slides and bounces around the levels, avoiding mines, missiles, electric fences and other nasties - fail and you'll usually end up as a pile of detached bloody limbs. Includes replays and online high scores. Unmissable.

96. Worms
YEAR 1995: "Incoming!" The original - and still the best - version of the seminal multiplayer tactical battle game from Yorkshire-based Team 17. Four teams of four worms take turns to fire a twisted assortment of weapons, including the Dragon punch, Uzi and Bazooka, to wipe out each other. Simple, addictive, hilarious and still great today.

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