The long weekend...

featuring new firmware, new LSW, and a couple of biggies...

Good Friday,

It's been a tough week. We're all still a bit fried from deadline - except Dan, who's fried instead from having been at Ubidays while PSM3 was on deadline, and will tell you more of it next week (he's off today) - but at least the weekend is here. A bank holiday weekend, at that.

And it's a weekend that we highly recommend you spend downloading the latest update to PS3's firmware (version 1.8), if you haven't already, so you can play your PS2 games on your PS3 in 1080p. If you've a shiny enough telly, that is. Or a PS3. Got your new firmware? What do you think?

Failing that, you could ponder the news that Haze, Ubisoft's ace-looking FPS, is now a 'sort-of' PS3-exclusive, in that PS3 is the only format it will appear on in 2007. 2008 will doubtless see it hit Xbox and PC, but it's nice to be first.

Or you might want to get excited about the announcement of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga on PS3, allowing "you to play through the events of all six Star Wars movies in one game for the first time ever". Admittedly, this sounds simply like LSW1 and LSW2 bundled together on one disc, but this still makes us very happy indeed. LSW on PS3 - ace.

Oh, there was something else... what was it?... oh yeah - new screens of GTAIV. That was it. Check them out. Only a few months to go now....