Big Brain Wii given July 20 UK release

Wii sequel to the DS mind-bender ready for summer

The sun will be shining and the grassy fields will be perfect for a spot of football, rugby or whatever sport you're into, but Nintendo hopes you'll be training your brain as much as your sporting abilities this July when it launches Big Brain Academy.

The Wii update of the popular DS game will contain new mini games that cover five mentally-taxing categories: Visualise, Memorise, Analyse, Compute and Identify. Wii Remote action will let you point and wave your way through the challenges.

Three multiplayer modes, Mind Sprint, Order Out and Frame Filter, have been added, each one allowing you and a mate to see who's got the most brain matter left in your videogame-infected skulls.

We're rubbish at Brain Training on DS. But we can SMASH NOOB FACES in Halo 3, and that's all that matters.