Japan gets Zelda DS demo, TV ads go live

Demo stations hit Japan on June 14, but Nintendo UK has "no plans" to do the same. Updated with TV ads

As if the Japanese weren't already lucky enough getting Phantom Hourglass much earlier than expected (it's out on June 23 over there), they're going to be playing it even sooner thanks to a downloadable demo.

As of next Thursday, according to Famitsu, Japanese gamers will be able to stroll into selected retailers across the country and download themselves a playable taster of the game that we're looking forward to so much we'd mug someone to have it now.

It's not reported whether the demo will be the same as versions shown at previous press events (which we previewed here and here).

And Nintendo has just confirmed to CVG that it has "no plans" to bring the demo to UK, which is no surprise because DS demo pods are practically (if not literally) non-existent over here.

But as we said, the game's out in Japan on June 23, and we'll be power-adventuring without stopping for sleep to bring you a review a couple of days after.

Don't expect to see a UK release until towards the end of the year. November's our best bet, but we're crossing our fingers it'll at least be in 2007.

The first Japanese TV ad for the game has hit YouTube and you can watch it here.