Myst shrouds DS remake

All source code re-written specifically for DS, no less

Midway will release classic postcard adventure game Myst on DS this November. According to the blurb, there are no instructions, and you encounter no living beings but soon realise your actions may help individuals who are trapped in a parallel dimension.

"You don't so much play Myst, as experience it," continues the info given by Midway. Along the way you've got to solve a multitude of puzzles, mazes, and problems. There's no inventory, no death, and no dialogue. It might not sound like the most interesting of things to do with £25, but the brand's been around forever.

Main features include:

  • All source code re-written specifically for DS performance and gameplay
  • A complete all new age, the Rime Age, to explore
  • New sounds, effects, and video clips
  • Newly re-mastered video and audio
  • Save multiple games for various players

Midway also adds that it's a truly mass market franchise targeting women and men. Check out the first DS screens.