Awesome DS course designer detailed

New screens and details of the course design tools for Race Driver: Create and Race

We've seen the stylus used in some naff ways in DS racing games (steering in Ridge Racer, boosting in Diddy Kong Racing... all wrong), but Codemasters' Race Driver: Create and Race is using the touch powers to let you build your own courses.

Being able to slap in a few straights and corners is the least you'd expect, but this tool will let you construct detailed tracks in two ways - either in a structured grid or with a free draw tool.

It'll let you build in pit stops, bridges, hills and dips, and chuck in a load of scenic details as well, to make it all look nice.


Using the free draw tool, you can draw the track you want and the DS will do all the leg work of filling in the grid with the appropriate sections of track.

With the handy work done you can take a fly-through tour of the course or bring out the motor for a test run, before facing off against the AI or friends via Wi-Fi Connection.

"Once you've conquered the 32 in-game tracks, which include Silverstone, Bathhurst, Nurburgring, then Create & Race players can really challenge themselves and their friends with a never-ending number of track combinations," says producer Jamie Firth.

"There's nothing sweeter than inviting up to three friends to race on your very own track... and owning them on it!"

We'll be the judge of that when the game launches this summer.