Red vs. Blue calls it a day

Cult hit web series created from Halo footage comes to an end after 100 episodes

The Red vs. Blue has had a good run but the guys behind the show have decided to bring the popular series to an end after an impressive run.

"(The show) stands in a league of its own", says Philip DeBevoise, who runs the video site where you can download the episodes. Red vs. Blue creator Michael Burns has been at the front of the show for four years says the final 15-minute episode will be "the biggest one we've ever done," and that "The Sopranos stole our ending, so we had to change it completely."

Of its conception Burns adds, "We played a ton of Halo at LAN parties because Xbox Live didn't exist yet. The humor of us yelling across the room led to Red vs. Blue."

CVG had a similar experience on the original Halo but if we'd have created a series, you wouldn't have been able to hear any dialogue over the 'bleeps'. It was that bad.

Source: Wired.