Auto Assault clamped and towed away

Netdevil's automotive combat MMO comes to an end

NCSoft will close down the online service for its automotive combat MMO at the end of August.

Don't worry if you're still paying for the service, NCSoft says no one will be out of pocket come August 31, when the servers go offline. A statement from the firm reads:

NOTICE: Today NCsoft is announcing that it will be closing down service for Auto Assault at the end of the summer. The service will close at midnight on August 31, 2007. As of today, any player currently in the service with an active billed account will not be billed again. If players have previously purchased time via multi-month billing or time cards that extends their service past July 31, NCsoft will reconcile these accounts appropriately. There will be more announcements coming soon regarding the shut down of Auto Assault and its impact on current accounts.