Wii development "a cakewalk" says Metroid dev

Retro discusses how much more the Wii can do over GameCube

We've all seen the shots - Metroid Prime 3 looks fantastic, and will show gamers what Wii is really capable of, says Retro, who adds MP3 would not be technically possible on GameCube.

"Well, our production pipeline was similar, so it was a lot faster for us to get up and running on the game hardware, which was great. But we were also able to make a great deal of enhancements to the game world," said the game director, Mark Pacini, in an interview with Play magazine.

"There're more polygons, higher-res textures, bloom lighting; a lot of graphical enhancements that we were able to make on the Wii that we couldn't do on the GameCube," he explained.

Michael Kelvaugh, Retro president and CEO, added: "We really looked at the Wii from a philosophy of "wow, look at all the stuff that we can do now," as opposed to 'well, it doesn't do this, and that's kind of a bummer.'

"And in my opinion, it's the best-looking Wii game out there," he said confidently.

"I won't say it was seamless," he went on to say, "but it certainly wasn't like developing on a brand new piece of hardware with a six-month learning curve. The development environment is a cakewalk to work with, and we feel we took advantage of what the hardware has to offer.

"Now we're able to make these huge, expansive environments and have more things going on on-screen at the same time," said Pacini.

And for those who are worried that Metroid Prime 3 will be 'dumbed down' as some have speculated, Kelvaugh said: "We made sure we revised the experience to make it more accessible without making it easier. It's hard to do. Making it equally as challenging without making it as difficult... It's easy to say, but hard to do.

It's about balancing, polish and listening to feedback, he explains. "It's definitely not for grandma," said Pacini. "But if she wanted to play it, that's awesome too."

Meanwhile, Retro has confirmed that MP3 will not include an online multiplayer mode.